Wednesday, July 8, 2009

dreier home

This fantastic home off Mueller Park Road in Bountiful was designed by the late Eduard Dreier over 30 years ago, sometime in the 1970's. The home addresses the site and the region it is built in. The home uses thermal massing by placing the large fireplace in the center of building. From this, the home is able to remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There is generous glazing on the south facade with large overhangs to block the high summer sunlight but allow in the low winter light. The original owner who commissioned the design still lives there. Unfortunately, they never agreed to have the home published. I wasn't able to get inside, but the owner was kind enough to let me walk around the property.

Large overhangs protecting home from south-facing summer light. Photo taken from bridge walkway over a stream leading to the entry.

South facade of home.

As you can see, the home is part of the landscape, does not feel intrusive, and seems to belong to the land - as a natural extension. It fits in to the surrounding context in which it is placed; it is not forced or arrogant. The home is interested in seeing and understanding, not in being seen or understood. Compare this to the McMansions being built up the hill. These homes want to be seen and stand out. They are cookie-cutter houses you can find anywhere in America. The Dreier home is a home designed specifically for the Utah climate by a local architect with minimal impact on the surrounding community. In contrast, McMansions are designed by builders and graze down or force a community where they shouldn't be one; in this case on the top of a hill.

McMansions being built up the hill from home.

Landscaped steps leading from stream up to home.

Front of home.


  1. Another great post, for a house I didn't previously know. I am really enjoying your blog, and think it's great to see you find new sources of information on some of the buildings that have been studied more extensively.

  2. Thanks Nelson. I happened upon this house by chance during a Sunday afternoon drive and was pleased to find the owner so agreeable.

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