Saturday, February 5, 2011

empty lot adjacent to capitol theatre

There is a great deal to learn from this exposed side elevation of the Capitol Theatre. I count three distinct building profiles that have been directly adjacent to the Capitol Theatre during the history of the building. There may even be more that I'm missing here, but can you spot all three? Does anyone know the history of this site? There will soon be a fourth profiled building adjacent to the old theatre with plans in the works for Ballet West to occupy the site.

Rendering of proposed new building
The beautiful new design for the Jessie Eccles Quinney Center for Dance is raising money for the project and hoping to start construction in Spring 2012.

Front facade of Capitol Theatre
Taken 23 Oct 2010

capitol theatre alley

Alley adjacent to Capitol Theatre. It's remarkable how many windows were originally in this side facade, and equally remarkable how many of them have been filled in.
Taken 23 Oct 2010

capitol theatre art wall

Art wall adjacent to Capitol Theatre in alley
Taken 23 Oct 2010