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architects in slc 1867-1880

Over the 13 year period from 1867-1880, there ranged from one to seven people in the city who called themselves architects.

1867 Salt Lake City Directory
(No specific employment listings. From looking up names from the 1869 architects, the following was found.)
  • Cram, Charles S., Architect, office at old City Hall, residence 7th Ward, southwest corner of 1st West and 5th South
  • Angell, T.O., Carpenter, 14th Ward, rear north side 1st South between East Temple and 1st East
  • Evans, Samuel L., Stone cutter, residence 6th Ward, west side of 4th West between 4th and 5th South

1869 Salt Lake City Business Directory
  • Albion, James, 15th Ward 1 South between 4 and 5 West
  • Angell, T.O. 1st Ward
  • Cram, Charles S. 7th Ward 5 South corner 1 West
  • Evans, S. S. 4 West between 4 and 5 South
  • Folsom, W.H. South Temple corner 1 West
  • Paul, William, Garden, corner Locust
  • Walling, Warren, “Sugar House Ward,” County road

1874 Salt Lake City Business Directory
  • Angel, Trueman O., office Temple block
  • Harrison, E.L.T., Bellview terrace
  • Manheim, H., 78 East Temple east side
  • Taylor, Obed, Matthiessen’s block, East Temple
Architects and Builders.
  • Folsom, W.H., corner 1 West and South Temple
  • Paul, Wm., Sr., corner of Garden and Locust
  • Paul, Wm., Jr., South Temple between 2 and 3 West

1879-80 Salt Lake City Business Directory
  • Angel T O, southwest corner 1 East and 6 South
  • Folsom, W H, southwest corner 1 West and South Temple
  • Harrison, E L T, Belleview Terrace, 19 ward
  • Monheim, Henry, east side East Temple between 1 and 2 South
  • Paul, Wm, corner Garden and Locust
  • Taylor, Obed, over Deseret Bank

(First Architect advertisement in SLC)

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